Wednesday, October 3

Wait, Who Was A Founding Father? (Revolution Ep 3)

First off, welcome back, lovely revolutionaries :) Do you come prepared with your own rants and raves of the week? Here are mine:

I appreciate that the writers have differentiated between individuals who resist Monroe for their own reasons/profit (like Miles) and those belonging to an actual rebellion (like current-day Nora). In dystopian lit, it's easy to divide people into two groups: those for and those against the regime. Revolution colors in that gray area in between. (Ally Condie's Matched Trilogy does the same).

Speaking of the rebellion, they are losing. Badly, and their position is vulnerable. This does not inspire hope.

Oh, look it's Aaron and Lady Doc. We get that Aaron would love to go back to his computers (and his money), but isn't the bigger question: What happened to Grace? Shouldn't we be trying to find her instead of rebuilding . . . whatever?

Did you see how Miles grabbed Charlie and shielded her with his body? I like this guy. Have I said that before?

Nora's fighting Monroe until she dies or takes him down because she lost her baby in a stupid militia fight that never should've been? I believe it. I'm close to adding her to my "care about and need good things for" list. I need to be sure for the long haul, or she'd already be on it.

I'm cringing for Danny and want it to stop. But in the back of my head, a little voice whispers, "You knew his mouth was going to get him in trouble. Consequences, consequences."

Okay, Charlie just solidified her top ranking on my "characters I dislike" list. She suggests fighting the militia with little-to-no ammo? And she called her father a coward for not fighting the militia when they came? A COWARD? His protection is worth nothing to her? Didn't take much for Little Miss Don't Kill Anyone to change her tune, huh? (Inconsistent characterization and unlikable. Double marks against her.)

Miles was a founding father, second in command to Monroe?! How? What happened to make him desert? Because he did desert, that much has been clear in the last three episodes. Spare me Charlie's ridiculously slow, betrayed expression.

Oooh, the initiation of the power grab came from Miles? Who just wanted to help and restore order? And not Monroe? Interesting.

Why did the locket turn on by itself? That cannot be a good sign. Why aren't we more concerned about that?


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Halee said...

Oh, Miles. What a mess. But I'm with you--the first time he put himself between the bad guy and Charlie, I was like "aww! He has a heart!" Thank goodness. And I like the way the writers worked it so he would join Charlie but not exactly of his own free will. (It wasn't until his location was compromised that he agreed. So he's not entirely self-sacrificing.)

I so like Nora. When she mentioned her fight was about a guy, I was like "her son!" (which was my only out-loud slip-up for episode 3, although my husband did fake-glare at me a little when I was right.) She's smart, but practical. And obviously she's going to end up with Miles. I'm kinda hoping they won't be that typical, but I'm afraid it's going to be a Jack-and-Kate type of thing where they play with the possibility forever.

I'm not quite as anti-Charlie as you are, but she is a bit annoying (which I attribute more to her age and lack of experience). And she's far too pretty for not having skincare products, which makes me dislike her. And she's a bit hot-headed, which makes for an interesting story.

I'm thinking J.J. Abrams really enjoys writing conflicted bad boy characters. Miles remind you of anyone? Sawyer, perhaps?

Charity said...

@Halee, I love that the writers are letting Miles be a little raw and shady. They could make him appear to be the bad boy with a heart of gold, but instead they leave us feeling conflicted about some of his actions. He hasn't "cleaned up" his act since joining Charlie and the gang, and that's a definite plus for me.

The only thing that may get in the way of Miles and Nora (which I'm on the fence about) is her need for revenge. She may not be able to put it aside and get herself killed. I'm on the fence about how I feel about this too. :)

As for the Sawyer/Miles connection, I'm on of the few who didn't get into Lost, so I won't catch all those connections that I am sure you will. You'll have to let me know if the similarities continue!