Monday, October 1

A Dystopian TV Show? Count Me In (Revolution Ep 1&2)

Okay, I know I'm coming to the party two weeks late. I thought about doing a one-time fangirl post about NBC's new show Revolution and leaving it at that. But a dystopian TV show? I have to get in on the conversation, and I know I'm not the only one who wants to discuss. So, welcome to my weekly recap roundtable! Plenty of established sites will post scene-by-scene dissections of each episode. I'm going to focus on my reactions while watching and the lingering questions I'm left with. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts as well :) 

Without further adieu, my thoughts on the pilot and episode two:

Pilot Episode (aka Storyworld Hooks Me)
The first three minutes hooked me like the best kind of "first page." I couldn't look away. I wanted to take in every detail. Who were we meeting? What was happening? Where were we? Why did the power turn off? What did Ben know about it? You see, what I mean? Tons of great questions. Often times in dystopian lit we don't get to see the moment it all went wrong. We see glimpses of the change and definitely the effects, but the moment of contact? Brilliant move on the writers' part. I can't wait for them to tell us how we got from that moment to where we pick up fifteen years later.

The images of a dilapidated Chicago were pretty incredible I thought, and the Militia with their threats of conscription and re-education? Appropriately scary. So far the storyworld has my attention. Plenty of information and, at the same time, unanswered questions; you need both in a speculative world, right? *Makes a note to give prologue even more tension, info, and questions*

Aaron owned a plane and worked for Google? Why does this make me suspicious of him?

Lady Doc (isn't it horrible that I don't know her name?) carries spiked liquor? I love her.

Miles is Billy Burke? I have a character to care about! I am more happy than I should be that Miles puts Nate in his place. Somebody needed to.

Wait, there is more than one republic?? How many? How are they divided? Are they all this bad?

Even when Miles is being a jerk, I still like him, and Charlie showed some vulnerability! I just experienced a shade of empathy.

How did Miles know Nate was militia? Because he's awesome :) See the way he put himself between Nate and Charlie? He does care. And that fight scene? I have no words. He took on more than thirteen guys! Incredible. I'm in love.

General Monroe is Miles' marine friend?? How did he manage that? What has he been up to in the last fifteen years? The writers could've given us a personal villain with power and that would've been great but also tying that villain to our protagonist family? Kudos, guys, really.

Also, anyone else want to weigh in on the "the good brother dies so the bad brother has to save the day" scenario? I've seen it used several times in books and movies recently, and while I have to agree with its effectiveness, can't the good brother be a hero too once in a while? Just saying. But maybe I'm not objective about that ;)

Episode Two (aka Miles Continues to be Awesome)
Um, is Charlie serious? I wish I wasn't annoyed by her innocence and belief in the good of people.

See, I knew not killing that bounty hunter was going to get us in trouble. Are we going to listen to Miles now? I have the sinking feeling that we won't. And really? Charlie judges killing the bounty hunter even now? *shakes head*

Mr. Militia quoted republic law verbatim, and an American flag is contraband? Details get even richer. Also, General Monroe is capital "S" scary.

Maybe if you didn't argue with and judge Miles all the time, he wouldn't leave you behind. Only a thought I had. And following him, really? This is the kind of female stereotype I don't get. I'm all for strong women; my books are filled with them, but this headstrong, running into danger against the wisdom of others archetype gets under my skin. They pretend to be strong to convince you to ignore all of the times they have to be rescued. At least damsels in distress admit it.

The swelling music isn't fooling me. I don't buy the conflicted chemistry between "Nate" and Charlie. It's a good thing I like the storyworld, Miles, and Lady Doc so much.

Lady Doc had kids?? I'm so, so sorry.

What's Grace's story? How did she know Ben? Who's she talking to? And what is Aaron up to?

Turns out Danny has the same "mouth runs away with itself" disease that Charlie does. Where did they get that from? I don't see either one of their parents having that trait.

(Avengers commercial: SQUEE!!)

I am over Charlie's self-righteousness. 

Why are we carrying that locket around in our hands?

Who's coming after Grace?! He has a locket too!

Mom's not dead! What's going on? How long has she been there??

I'm still not a fan of Charlie or Danny, but the world and Miles? I'll give them a little more time :)

What do you think? Why are you watching?


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Rachel Tillie said...

I saw the first episode and Charlie (as well as Charlie+Nate) drove me nuts so I decided to cut it out of my tv watching lineup and find a good blog to read about it. Thanks for being that blog; yay! I agree with everything you said, especially Miles. MILES! :) Also are you saying their mom is not dead? Because that would be awesome since I think that actress is great.

Quick question, maybe you can clear this up for me - How does General M have ice? Is someone harvesting it from a glacier for him?!

Charity said...

You're welcome! Glad to be of service :) I'm seriously conflicted about my Miles crush--I don't normally pull for the tortured, bad boy, but for him? I just might.

And, yes, mom is alive! We saw her at the end of episode two. She's a prisoner (I think?) of General Monroe. Her abode was all very swank, so that's why I'm unsure. I'm planning to have the recap up for this week tomorrow, so I can definitely give you more deets then.

And in response to your General M and ice question? I think he just might have someone harvesting it from a glacier for him. Seems like the type, right? lol. Or we've just brought back the pre-refrigeration spring houses. Let's go with that.

Rachel Tillie said...

Whoa the mom's quarters are swank; that doesn't bode well. Please don't let her be corrupt! I hear you about Miles - I'm ok pulling for him because he's not some tortured bad boy TEEN. He's a MAN who's had a hard life full of grief and who knows what which is so much more intriguing.

I like your ice hypothesis. Be sure to let me know if the writers shed any light on that. :)

Charity said...

Like you, I'm hoping mom isn't corrupt either. We'll just have to wait and see, I guess. And I like your perspective on Miles; it makes me feel better about pulling for him :)

As for the the ice conundrum, I'm watching episode three today and if they address, it I'll be sure to let you know!

Anonymous said...

I'm much more intrigued by Miles than I am by Charlie. I do kinda have a thing for bad boys with a tortured past, but in the sense that it sometimes makes them really good heroes - as Miles may turn out to be. (Episode 3 did not address the ice conundrum!)

Charity said...

Kim, welcome to the Miles Fan Club. Your official poster and badge will arrive in 7-10 business days ;)

My problem with bad boys in art is that often once they become heroes they lose those delightfully bad parts of themselves and aren't really the character I fell in love with any more. Does that make sense? It's a hard task to create a bad boy antihero who evolves without losing his essence.

Getting ready to dive into episode three myself, so I'm glad you gave me a heads up about the ice issue. Maybe in another episode!