Tuesday, September 18

Panic ... Excitement ... ACFW

This time last year, I printed out one sheets and crammed four days worth of outfits into a small carry-on bag. Erynn and I flew from RDU to St. Louis for our first ever ACFW conference. I was overwhelmed and slightly panicky. Okay, I was moments away from a full blown panic attack. 

But the conference exceeded my highest expectations. (See posts here and here). God confirmed His will over and over again. I survived pitching to agents and an editor. I had lunch with the fabulous Melanie Dickerson, and I met the lovely ladies below. Amanda, Jess, Erynn, and I have become sisters and critique partners in the last year, and I cannot tell you how much knowing them has blessed me.

Last Year at ACFW with the Girls
This year, the conference is in Dallas, TX. I'll be flying alone. I'm not a newbie, and I've an agent pitching my book as well. Other things remain the same, like cramming four days worth of clothing (including a formal dress) into one carry-on bag.

I must admit to being anxious still. Even though I know what to expect. Pitching your book is a lot like asking a guy you like to the Sadie Hawkins danceyou still have to put your heart out there and hope it doesn't get squashed.

All I can do is trust God with my fragile heart and ask you to pray. So I will :) When you think about me over the next five days, would you please pray

  • that I would feel well and have stamina despite the long, busy schedule,
  • that I would find food to eat and enjoy without compromising the doctors' instructions,
  • that God would grant me favor with whoever He wills,
  • that God would strengthen existing relationships and initiate new ones,
  • that I would seek out ways to encourage and support those around me.

God has a plan already set into motion for this year, and I'm praying my eyes are open to see it. Maybe this week will be even better than last year.

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