Websites to Visit

YA Specific : 
Go Teen Writers (A Blog Overflowing with Writing/Editing/Publishing Advice)
Jenny B. Jones (YA Author and Quite Possibly One of the Funniest People I Know)
Kiera Cass (YA Author of The Selection)
Kristi Chestnutt (Aspiring YA Author and Book Addict)
NEXTGen Writers (A Community for Young Writers with Articles, Events, and Annual Conference)
Susan Kaye Quinn (MG/YA Indie Author and Rocket Scientist :)

Writer Friends :
Words on Words (Amanda G. Stevens: Dystopian Author and Character Buddy)
Just Write (Erynn Newman: BFF and Romantic Suspense Author)
Love Worth Waiting For (Jessica Keller: Fellow YA Lit Lover and Author)

Devotional Journey : 
Desiring God
Mars Hill Church
Radical Womanhood
The Village Church

Just For Fun : 
Hey Christian Girl
Nerd Girl Problems
Will Write For Chocolate

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