Why Heroes?

I've always been a fan of heroes, super or otherwise. Ask me to choose between the steady good guy and the tortured bad boy, and I'm going to pick the good guy 98% of the time. (No one's perfect ;)

While I hope the heroes in my fiction are both good and realistically flawed, I've never been known to put down a book or shut off a movie because the hero was "too good." Something inside me—and, therefore, in my fiction—identifies with the timeless good vs. evil battle, and sometimes I wish someone would swoop in and rescue me. 

I don't think I'm the only one.

There's an inherent longing in each of us to be rescued from something. Every now and then, we all want a hero. Or, we want to be one.

The good news is — we have a Hero.

And He can make us heroes as well.

This is no fairy tale. Welcome to reality.

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