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I became fascinated with dystopian fiction during high school when I read Brave New World, and I confess that I've been devouring the genre ever since. I just can't get enough. But I never planned to develop a dystopia of my own—until the day Noah State walked into my head. Noah's brother Daniel followed quickly behind, determined to drive everyone else crazy. I tried to write several contemporary romances, but the State brothers wouldn't leave me alone. Seriously, it got noisy in my head. So I jumped into NaNoWriMo and gave the boys a month to dazzle me or keep their mouths shut. Six weeks later, I had fallen completely in love and typed "The End" on the first book in my YA series The Free and The Brave.

I'm a graduate of North Greenville University, and in the last ten years, I've worked as a youth intern, a bookstore associate and an assistant to several student ministers. Most recently, I had the privilege (and I'm not kidding) of wielding a red pen as an administrative assistant and editor for InQuest Ministries, a youth curriculum publisher.

During that time, my best friend and I stepped out in faith and decided to take our writing seriously. After years of writing for myself, and a very select group of friends, I went public. I called myself a writer. I bought and read craft books. I attended writers' conferences and had my work critiqued by professionals. I wrote devotionals for a local summer camp and joined ACFW, a professional publishing network. I also found a wonderful group of writer friends for the journey.

Currently, I live in the foothills of North Carolina, but you don’t have to travel the winding back roads to find me (and please don't try, that's a little creepy :) However, I love to connect with people via twitter, facebook, and e-mail. I'll take any chance I can get to talk about YA fiction in general or The Free and The Brave specifically. In the meantime, I'll just be sitting here at my desk mapping out The Elite's society structure and inventing new ways for Daniel to be delightfully snarky.

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