Saturday, October 1

Even More God Things From ACFW

"Oh, how abundant is your goodness, which you have stored up for those who fear you and worked for those who take refuge in you, in the sight of mankind." -Psalm 31:19

Did you read my last post? Isn't God good? Well, that wasn't all.

6-On Friday morning, I met briefly with a multi-published author for a critique of Unclean's first chapter I went in trembling, afraid that she would point out all the ways it needed work. Instead, I came out beaming. She liked my characters, my pacing, my tension, and my world. The chapter made her uncomfortable and anxious, which is exactly what it was supposed to do, and she described my characters exactly the way I hoped to portray them. After we had a moment to talk about the rest of the book (and the ensuing series), she told me she liked my plot--it was original and filled with conflict (insert evil laugh here). The whole appointment felt surreal, but it was the encouragement I needed not to freak out when the next two things happened...

7-I was able to meet with an editor on Saturday morning. I think this lady rocks! Every time she opened her mouth at the conference, she spoke to my heart and my desires for the YA market and Unclean. Plus, she's crazy cool. So I was hoping we would hit it off during our 15-minute appointment, and we did. I really enjoyed discussing my book (and series) with her, and she raised some great questions. She liked my idea and took my sample chapter with her! Best outcome possible.

8-Except for this outcome! On Friday morning, I had an appointment with the agent I was praying to meet. Although I was crazy nervous, the appointment went well. I pitched her my story (my first attempt ever), she shared what she sees as her role as an agent, we talked about the series, AND she asked to see THE FULL MANUSCRIPT. She didn't say no. She didn't ask to see a couple of chapters. SHE ASKED FOR THE WHOLE BOOK. I still can't believe it. I'm doing a little happy dance in my den all over again :)

Can you take more?

9-On Friday night, after being blessed to overflowing, Erynn and I sat on our beds in the hotel room and talked about the futures of our books. Some of you know that I don't have a ton of confidence in my gift or my work. Sometimes I doubt that I'll ever get published. Turns out that she has the same problem. Which is absurd because Out Of Darkness is awesome! We have a lot more faith in the other person's ability than our own (which is not a bad problem to have). I want her success more than I can put into words because I know how much it would mean to her, to her and Leo, and to the people who know them. And I know God wants her good. Her holiness, her obedience, her sacrifice, AND her blessing, her joy, her songs.

Last week, He reminded me He wants the same for me. Not only my sanctification, but my celebration also. I confess I had forgotten. That truth has removed blinders from my eyes that I didn't know where there. Thank you Jesus for your patience and your kindness to show me who You truly are. Forgive me for imagining you to be less than You are.

10-Finally, you blessed me. Knowing that so many people were praying for me was utterly humbling. To my family, my friends, my church families, and those were asked to pray by one of the above, THANK YOU. I cannot express to you how mightily I felt your prayers, how hugely you were a part of what God did, and how ecstatic I am to share God's goodness with you. You are all a part of what God is doing with Unclean. My experience would have been completely different without your prayers, your calls, and your texts. I needed every one . . . more than I can say.

He has been so good to me, and Unclean is a step further down the road. My prayer is that you would be encouraged by what He will do for His children, for those who seek refuge in Him. Being able to carry His faithfulness back to you is the best thing to come out of the conference.

He has moved. He is moving. "Let your heart take courage, all you who wait for the LORD!" (Psalm 31:24).


Erynn said...

You and your contagious tears! Stop it! I love you so much. Thanks for always speaking Truth over me. There's no one I'd rather share this with.

Rebecca said...

HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay Lord! Can't wait to celebrate with you in person! (When can we celebrate?) And when can I read this? Love you and am SO proud of you.Rebecca

halee said...

Amen! I'm so excited for you!

Michelle said...

Awesome! So glad it went well! Can't wait to read your book someday!!!

Charity said...

@Erynn, right back at ya!

@Rebecca, Thanks for being excited for me at every milestone. I'm looking forward to our time together next week. As to reading it, I'll let you know when I have a release date ;) Love you!

@Halee, Thanks! I'm so glad we met :)

@Michelle, Hi! I hear big things are in store for you guys as well. (I may be late, but congratulations!) And thanks :)