Sunday, October 9

Exciting Books Releasing This Fall

I love fall--colorful leaves, hot coffee, and crisp evenings. It's my favorite season, and this fall feels especially exciting because of the authors who have new books out this month and next!

Robin Jones Gunn
released a new book, Love Finds You in Sunset Beach, Hawaii, on October 1. I grew up reading her Christy Miller and Sierra Jensen series, and I loved how characters from one series or book would show up years later in another book. In her new release, we get another glimpse into Sierra's life, and I can't wait.

November 1 will be a busy day as TWO books debut:

Ally Condie's Crossed, the sequel to Matched, releases, and I have been anxiously awaiting this installment since reading Matched last November. That's right, I've been waiting a whole year to know what going on with Cassia, Ky, and Xander! This anticipation only grew after meeting Ally at a book signing in the spring. She is delightful, giving, humble, and a great dresser, too. It's going to be all I can do not to buy this book on day one. You can bet I'll be letting you know my thoughts once I finish it.

Also on November 1, Susan Kaye Quinn's Open Minds hits shelves (so to speak). Sue is a good friend, mentor, and encourager, and I'm so excited for her. I had the pleasure of reading a first draft of Open Minds in our critique group, and it was amazing! Seriously, Erynn and I were talking about how it rivaled many successes in the YA market. And why not? It has all the best elements: a strong and sympathetic protagonist in Kira, an uncomfortable, yet intriguing future, and two guys vying for our protag's attention. Sign me up. Sue's been kind enough to send me an ARC, so I'll be posting more about Open Minds before November 1!

Finally, Melanie Dickerson's sophomore novel, The Merchant's Daughter, releases in November, the 22nd I believe. Melanie's a master at starting with a fairy tale basis, putting it in medieval history, and giving her characters a Christian worldview. Plus, she's such a gracious lady (as I've mentioned before :) Beauty and the Beast? Jesus? Yes, please. You'll be hearing more about this release as we get closer to the date as well.

So, that's what I'm excited about this fall. What books are you looking forward to getting your hands on?


Erynn said...

I too am also excited as well. Yay! Isn't it cool that we KNOW these people?! I like being a writer.

Charity said...

@Erynn, Love that first sentence. It's CRAZY and humbling and awesome that we know these people. It's a good life, no?

phall3n said...

i just read ted dekker's latest (with tosca lee), 'forbidden'. and i know i'm late to the party, but going through francis chan's 'erasing hell'.
i'm most looking forward to reading the new brennan manning book.

JessKeller said...

woot woot! The Robin Jones Gunn book is worth it just to spend some time with Sierra again

Charity said...

@phall3n, I'm intriqued by Dekker and Lee's new book. It's on my long-term TBR list, lol. What's the Brennan Manning one?

@Jess, So glad to hear it. I would expect nothing else from Mrs. Gunn. Makes me want to go back and reread them all again. :)