Wednesday, October 10

Attack Dogs And Swelling Crescendos (Revolution Ep 4)

Evening! Can I just say out the outset how much I am still enjoying Miles' founding father status? I cannot wait for more details. Will we get them tonight?

Miles' reputation must be really intimidating to cause a stranger to answer all his questions with very little coercion. Wonder what it is.  I'm not quite as impatient as Charlie though. I'd prefer to let the details trickle in as we observe his interactions with others. Also, Miles' ability to put her in her place brings me joy. Too much? I'm trying to like her, really I am.

Why don't I know Lady Doc's name? Will someone please clue me in? I mean, it's a good nickname and all, but still. Oh, it's Maggie. Yay. Carry on, then. Aw, Charlie let Maggie hug her. Point for Charlie :)

Um, rabid dogs? Maybe we shouldn't have thrown away that torch. 

It's mom again! What's she working on? Why is she so nice to Monroe? And since she hasn't cooperated, why hasn't Monroe tortured or killed her yet? Oh, here it is. *wince*

Who is watching the gang, and how come no one's aware of it? There are at least three people in the crowd who should be, but we are all distracted with lesser problems. Also, turns out I don't mind it when Nora gives Miles what for. I don't mind at all. Miles plans to leave? Subtract ten points from his awesome register. (Especially because this is really . . . weird timing. Didn't we just make contact with Nora so that we could rescue Danny?)

Flashback: Why don't I feel like mom was actually going on a supply trip? Did Ben know what she was up to?

Ooh, scary compound with scary man. Cool visual.

Although that storm visual is even better. Bad weather really is upon us. 

How did "Nate" get free? And why is Charlie defending him? It's not like Miles was killing him, and she knows what "Nate" plans to do.  What does she see in him that I just don't? Anybody else wanna weigh in, please?

On behalf of teenagers everywhere, can we introduce a character that isn't rash, spiteful, and omniscient? I get that Danny and Charlie have been through a lot, but some character variety in that age range would be awfully nice. It would provide a contrast and believability for the two already on canvas.

Did Danny really get free? *sigh* I didn't think so.

While Maggie's speech about letting go is poignant (and the cue-giving music with it), I need it to not work on Miles. That would be just a little too easy.

Maggie, NO!! This feels pointless. What's the purpose of this attack dog thread? Why are we losing Lady Doc?

I'm not sure that I've said it before, but I will now: Captain Neville is a great character. His motivations for playing a "villain" are compelling. He's three dimensional, and I respect that about him even though I hate him.

Charlie's decision to stay with Maggie (still grumbling) gives her a few more points. Maybe she and I are going to turn a corner here?

Wait, did the tornado stop right in front of the barn Neville, Danny, and the army were holed up in? Really? 

Maggie's been carrying around the book she was reading to her boys. . . . *sob* Why does she have to die? Why? 

Oh. Charlie's "Everybody leaves me," it got to me. Stupid emotional manipulation. 

Hey, it's mom again. Why does she look okay? What have we been doing to her? I'm beginning to worry about her state of mind. Have they been ripping out her molars? Why isn't her face swollen? Wait, she came willingly? AT MILES' REQUEST? Why? What would she be good for?

And, where is Grace? We are going to find out, right?

Okay, guys, it's your turn now. What did you think of episode four? (Is it just me, or did this episode seem a little more predictable than the last? I love nonetheless, just wondering.)


Halee said...

I'm with you on Neville. I know there's more to him than meets the eye. Yeah, he's on the bad side, but so far he hasn't attacked without provocation. He only starts shooting after the opposing side starts. He talks about his family, but my prediction is that he lost his family, probably due to muggers (likely using guns, hence his dedication to ridding the country of guns).

My perspective on Nate: I'm not a major fan (and is it me or does he look like a different person in this episode?), but looking from his perspective, he may not be bad at all. We just assume Miles is worth protecting, but his past suggests he may have been a rotten guy, so the fact that Nate wants to capture him may actually be semi-noble.

Some minor details: if Maggie was losing blood so quickly, she should have been lying down, and she would have lost consciousness before she died. Pretty quickly, too. But then, I guess she wouldn't have been able to give a stirring death speech.

Ahh, the mom. I was thinking they were ripping out her fingernails or something. I knew she wasn't going for supplies and I'm pretty sure her husband knew it too. But my question is, why in the world didn't he go instead? I assume she did it to protect her family, ie "you give us information and we'll leave them alone" but why in the world wouldn't her husband volunteer for that?

They keep talking about how Danny is so important. Kinda makes me think dear old mom had an affair and Danny is actually Monroe's son.

Charity said...

I agree with you on "Nate's" motivations. If he weren't so obviously the torn regime member inexplicably attracted the resistance girl I would probably like him. It's the archetype without fleshing out I resent. Not so much him.

And about Mom's situation--I'm going to need to know exactly what went down between her, her husband, and Miles to put us in this predicament because I have a lot of your same questions.

Your Danny as Monroe's son theory is ... cute. But considering that Monroe and Miles were stationed across the country before the blackout, I'm going to have to say it's probably not likely. Although, I'm not sure I should rule anything out at this point.

Halee said...

Lol, yeah, I know the Danny theory is far-fetched. But they keep playing it up like there's something more than just leverage going on there. And.. we do know Miles visited, and it's completely plausible that he brought his best friend.

Or maybe they're just playing up something they can't deliver. *sigh*