Monday, May 17

BRMCWC Days 1 & 2: Are We Overwhelmed Yet?

Luckily, my answer to this question is “Only a little.” Yesterday Erynn and I arrived at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference (henceforth known as BRMCWC) feeling mostly excited and a wee bit anxious.

At the end of day two, here are my highlights…

1—Meeting like-minded souls who are genuinely excited for you (and vice versa) when you have a great critique or pitch appointment. One of these ladies lives only minutes from me in Raleigh, and she’s been such a sweet blessing in the last two days. The encouragement and familiar faces of these women between classes, on walkways, and at meals has been one of my favorite parts of the conference thus far.

2—Having a positive and uplifting critique appointment with Deb Raney.  I submitted my synopsis and first pages for Steadfast to Mrs. Raney back in February and have been awaiting this meeting for months. On the way over today, I think I prayed something along the lines of “Please Jesus just don’t let her tell me I don’t know what I’m doing or that it doesn’t work and I have to set it aside.” Well, praise the Lord, she was so much more positive than that. She liked my POV, my characterization, and—most importantly—Grey! The weaknesses she spotted are not major but their exclusion will lead to a much stronger manuscript. Overall, I felt very optimistic as I left; in fact, I might have floated out of her classroom.

God is good…now to bed please!

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