Monday, November 7

Your Christmas Gift List

Some of you start buying your Christmas gifts in January. Others in August. I am never that forward thinking. I'll start buying gifts come December 1, if I'm lucky. I have, however, begun compiling my list, which will include an addition this year.

Samaritan's Purse, a non-profit that organizes disaster relief and serves in third-world countries, sent me their Gift Catalog earlier this fall. I've been praying about how and what to give ever since. And I can't seem to choose between gifting a child with the ability to learn how to read and write or help a child receive lifesaving heart surgery.

Both of these gifts strike such a chord in me because of my own heart defects at birth and, obviously, because of my love for reading and writing, but they are just two of the many gifts Samaritan's Purse offers.

The gifts range in price, but some start at just $5. This Christmas I encourage you to add one more person to your list. I promise it will mean so much.

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