Monday, November 14


Sometimes I like to sneak oft-used words into normal conversation. See, what I did there with oft-used? :) Thwarted is another example because I like the imagery and it's fun to say.

But to feel thwarted? Not so much fun.

All weekend long, I had this nebulous bad feeling. I was frustrated, overwhelmed, exhausted. Yet none of these words described how I felt perfectly. I sensed something deeper--especially because every time I sat down to edit, life got a little more complicated.

This morning, it hit me. I feel thwarted. I feel like someone has hijacked my plans, derailed my train, and come against me. Since I've recently had some spiritual breakthroughs related to and because of Noah's story, I'm fairly certain God isn't behind stopping my novel in its tracks.

So, it's time I remember that I have a very real enemy who wants nothing more than for me to crash and burn and my story along with it. Strangely, this knowledge gives me peace and perspective.

I can let my enemy win by sitting down and crying on the battlefield, or I can run back to the Warrior God and ask Him to help me keep fighting. I can choose to live the truths of Ex. 14:14; Josh. 23:10; 2 Sam. 22; Neh. 4:20, and Eph. 6:10-20: God fights for His people; He helps them stand firm; and He equips them to fight.

With that in mind, if you'll excuse me, I have a manuscript to polish.


JessKeller said...

You cut to the heart. I SO needed to hear this. Thursday-Saturday I allowed myself to be completely twarted, although, I didn't realize that until I read your post just now.

Erynn said...

I hate that enemy. Praying for all of us! Remember we serve the One who has overcome the WORLD! And He is for us! Now back to those manuscripts!

Charity said...

@Jess, I'm glad the realization was helpful to more than just me. Keep pushing forward dear friend!

@Erynn, thanks for the prayers and the truth-speaking! Grateful for you. Also, you might be channeling Ronie :)