Wednesday, January 19

Sex Trafficking And The Superbowl

I am shocked.

How has the Superbowl (among other major sporting events) been a prime locale for sex trafficking young girls without us as the general public hearing about it until this year?

And why has it not been stopped?

I had to share. So we all know now.

And we can do something to stop it.

Begin by clicking here to learn about the Texas organization standing up for the oppressed.

UPDATE (1/21):

I wanted to include a news article about the Superbowl problem for those who haven't heard.

As well as make fellow North Carolinians aware the January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Just today Fox News Latino posted a story about how trafficking is on the rise in North Carolina. Read that story here. The Biblical Recorder also ran a story on Human Trafficking in 2010 with signs to look for in potential victims and the Human Trafficking Hotline number. Click here for that information.


Mischia said...

Link, please?

Charity said...

@Mischia, I updated the post with links just for you and learned more about trafficking in NC. Hope it's helpful.