Wednesday, October 21

Wisdom From Betty Crocker

"Hail to the women of America! You have taken up your heritage from the brave women of the past. Just as did the women of other wars, you have taken your positions as soldiers on the Home Front.... The efforts and accomplishments of women today are boundless! But whatever else you do--you are, first and foremost, homemakers--women with the welfare of your families deepest in your hearts."

General Mills as "Betty Crocker" wrote the above in 1943's Your Share: How to Prepare Appetizing, Healthful Meals with Foods Available Today. World War II, and the responsibilities it required, proved that women were equal to men in person and ability without destroying the dignity of a homemaker. Reminiscent of the woman described in Proverbs 31, many ladies stepped out of the house for the sake of their families and the men overseas. Living within God's design to selflessly care for their husband and children as men are called to selflessly provide for and protect their wives, sons, and daughters.

How refreshing to find a mindset that applauds both a woman's role in the marketplace and in the home. May we not lose that viewpoint completely in our generation.

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