Tuesday, October 16

Losing Steam (Revolution Ep 5)

Revolution has two things in its favor presently. Two realities that keep me wading through what's quickly becoming a shrill voiced, tension-less mess of other plot.

1) The evolution of our characters over the last fifteen years. There's a reason the flickering opener begins with the word "evolution" before the letter "R" blinks on. The show's focus not only on the simmering rebellion, but also on the evolution of individuals in a world turned upside down is a huge plus. I always have more questions concerning both characters I love and characters I hate.

2) Miles. With Maggie dead and Nora's bodysnatcher of a personality shift this week, I have just one character I care about, and it's General Miles Matheson himself. Get rid of everyone else, and I'd still watch him. Lose his essence as a character, and I'm out. 

But then, I might be out anyway. Did you see the previews for next week? *shakes head*

If we don't start developing the other characters in consistent and sympathetic ways and build some credible tension, I won't be watching. And I'm not the only one: this guy hits the nail on its proverbial head.

Weigh in. Am I the only one still watching? If not, do you think I should cut the show some slack?


Heather said...

I am loving Miles and looking forward to seeing more of his story and development into the person that he is now. And, next weeks (well 2 weeks away, right?) episode did make me shake my head as well. What are your thoughts on Danny? And Jason?

Halee said...

Watched the most recent episode today. And yeah, it's starting to get a little flat. I saw the Neville's son twist coming. And.. yep, that was about the only twist. Although I was surprised that Neville's wife was still alive. I thought for sure she was dead. Hm.

Oh, Nora. Nora, Nora. Fizzle. That's how she seems to me. She fizzled like a failed bomb.

Charlie is Miss Bossy Pants. Yeah, no. I don't like bossy girls.

Rachel Tillie said...

So right now I'm trying not to feel smug about dropping it after the first episode, and I'm failing miserably. LOL! Wait, did I LOL properly? I'm feeling insecure about it. Ok smugness gone.

Anywhoo I still vouch for Chicago Fire even though I've only seen one episode. ;)

Rachel Tillie said...

Ok, after last week's episode, I now have to revoke my support for Chicago Fire. *sigh* At least I'm gaining more free time with every show I drop. :)