Tuesday, September 11

Killing Me Slowly

Vein by gerard79 (sxc.hu). Used by permission.
Like a lot of Americans, I'm overweight. Partly because of my CFS symptoms but mostly because I unabashedly love milkshakes, hamburgers, and french fries. And croissants. And soda. And . . . well, you get the idea.

My motivation to lose weight and give up the foods I love has been pretty low. Until I saw my blood under a microscope last week. Pretty red blood cells, active white blood cells, and a lot of yeast. A lot. My doctor asked me if I craved bread products. Do I ever! She let me know: you aren't craving those carbs or sugars, it's the yeast. The yeast rapidly multiplying in my system. The yeast that will kill me if I let it continue.

Suddenly, those old favorites seem a little less appealing. Don't get me wrong; the smell of fresh-baked bread or the sound of a coke can popping open still make me salivate. But knowing that food feeds what wants to kill me? I think I'll pass.

Those foods aren't worth the risk for me.

The same is true for us spiritually.

Sin is a disease. Sure it looks, feels, or tastes good at the time, but it feeds what is killing you and I (Jam. 1:14-15). Those moments of indiscretion, that "slip up," that "just one more time" mentality? They're allowing sin to multiply within us and suck us dry.

We have to kill it. Every moment of every day.


Erynn said...

Excellent post, friend. I love this analogy. And a great way to think about temptations. There's no just indulging a little or "cheating" when you realize that what you're "cheating" with and indulging in is trying to kill you--and is also responsible for Christ's death on our behalf. How can I love what killed him?

Charity said...

E, that imagery has been very helpful to me this week. The temptations are still as strong and appealing. Until I remember the violent part, then they seem less attractive for sure.