Thursday, August 2

YA Site Crush: Go Teen Writers

Last month, I facilitated my first teen writers' workshop. Seven boys and I hunkered down to talk about our favorite books, plot, character, and their very unique novel and comic ideas. From paranormal fantasy to anime to post-apocalyptic fiction, we covered it all.

In preparation for the afternoon, I scoured the web for writer resources for teens and stumbled upon Go Teen Writers. I'm so glad I did; GTW has quickly become one of my go-to resources. Stephanie Morrill, Jill Williamson, Rachel Coker, and Roseanna M. White (all published authors) do a fantastic job of providing plotting, editing, and publishing information for teen writers. They also host contests for writers under twenty-one each year.

If you're a teen writer (or an adult writing YA), you won't regret subscribing. Posts about finding a literary agent, writing sticky situations, creating book proposals, and avoiding writer burnout were all published this week alone.

No pressure, but what are you waiting for? Check Go Teen Writers out!


Stephanie Morrill said...

Thanks for the "site crush" - lol :)

Glad you found us!

Charity said...

You're welcome. You ladies are pretty awesome :)

John said...

I was one of those guys!

Charity said...

Hey John! How's your story coming?