Tuesday, August 28

Speaking Of Heroes . . .

My brain's been percolating with thoughts and ideologies on heroes for the last two months in preparation for my upcoming series. (Don't worry, a percolating brain is not as dangerous as it may sound :)

On Monday of this week, Pepper Basham, one of the fabulous ladies at The Writers Alley, blogged about why we bond with a flawed hero. I love her philosophy and thought the post could serve as an introduction for you guys, so your brains can start ruminating as well.

Once you've read, let me know--do you prefer your heroes flawed or not? And is there room in your heart for both? (I sure hope so ;)

P.S. Per Pepper's post, I'd watch a Cyclops movie . . . if he weren't dead. *shakes head* Still angry after all these years. Am I the only one?


Kristi said...

Look at your site!!!!

I'm in LOVE!

It looks great.

And I love this post too...I'm in the camp of flawed heroes, though admittedly, I do have favorites in both camps. There's definitely room for both in MY heart. :)

Charity said...

Aw, thanks!! It's not nearly as cute as yours, but I'm happy with it :)

So glad to hear you have room for both since The Free and The Brave series will have a touch of each :)

Erynn said...

I JUST finished reading Pepper's post. Made me a little sad about poor, perfectly, unflawed Ian MacCready. Bless.
You know me. I'm apt to get mad and not forgive if a "hero" is TOO flawed. So, I always want them to walk the thin line of SO good, yet believable. But then, there's always room for the reformed bad boy. =)
Also, I'm sorry about Cyclops. It was a bad way to go. But I do love me some Logan. Flaws and all.
That movie did us ALL wrong.

Charity said...

Erynn, Ian's great even if he is perfect ;) But I completely agree with you about too-flawed being a problem for me, especially in romances. If he is too messed up, I might want him to be healed, but I'm never sure I want him with the girl.

And yes, that movie DID do us all wrong.