Wednesday, June 6

I Am Alive ... I Promise

Hello faithful followers!

Thanks for not giving up on me during my hiatus. I had not planned to take such a break, but sometimes life--or, more specifically, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome--gets in the way. In December, I experienced a worsening of my CFS symptoms which warranted doctors' visits, new medication, and an overall lifestyle change. One of the casualties, unfortunately, was the blog.

However, after several months of re-prioritizing, rest, and a move back to the mountains of North Carolina, I am beginning to feel like a functioning human being again. I still have to work on managing my CFS for the long-term, but there seems to be a light in the distance which tells me this tunnel won't last forever.

Speaking of slowing down, did you know that long periods of rest spark creativity? They have for me, and I'm excited about bringing some of these ideas to life. In late summer or early fall, I'll be renovating the blog, providing a YA fiction focus and moving the devotional/life diary side to another venue. Templates are already swimming prettily in my head.

With this in mind, I'll be scoping out teen and YA fiction blogs to feature and link on my main page. I already have a couple in mind, but I'd love any recommendations you can send my way. I promise to check them out!

Finally, it wouldn't be summer without some fun reads. My To-Be-Read (TBR) pile includes Ally Carter's Out of Sight, Out of Time, Robin Jones Gunn's Finally and Forever (the fourth in her Katie Weldon series), and Jill Williamson's Replication, among others. I'll pick my two favorites and sing their praises right here during the summer.

What do you think of my selections? Would you recommend an addition to the pile? If so, what? Please share!


Kristi said...

Yay for your return to blogging, and more importantly, a light at the end of this tunnel! :)

I'd recommend Maggie Stiefvater's Scorpio Races...her world building from page one is spectacular.

It's GREAT to have you back!

Charity said...

Friend! I am always so happy to see your name anywhere :) Thanks for celebrating with me; I am excited to be back as well.

I'm glad you recommended Scorpio Races because I've picked it up several times in B&N and couldn't decide. I'll be sure to add it to my list now!