Sunday, June 19

My Perfect Day

This week was fairly wonderful, including some of my favorite activities and places, but Wednesday was my perfect day.

I woke up in a wonderfully large bed in the peaceful and delightfully decorated white and blue toile room at the historic Arrowhead Inn . For breakfast, I was served scrambled eggs with bĂ©arnaise sauce, sausage, fruit salad, and a homemade cherry pastry. Quite possibly the best breakfast I've ever eaten.

Then I was able to spend the rest of the day plotting and writing outside in the gazebo, in the hammock, and on the swing. The gardens were quiet and colorful; the breeze just enough to kiss my face, and the temperature perfect. Clearly, God was showing off.

I took a break to grab lunch from Foster's Market, where I had the best burger with dill havarti cheese, spinach, and lemon caper mayo. It was too good for words I tell you, and I fell in love with the old-fashioned general store feeling of the market, complete with mismatched chairs and tables scattered inside and out.

I worked in The Keeping Room during the late afternoon, enjoying the tea, classical music, and conversation with Rebecca, the interim innkeeper. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations and getting to know her a little bit. She is creative, engaging, amicable, and a delight to be around. I didn't even know that such a position as interim innkeeper existed, but how intriguing is the idea of traveling from B&B to B&B to serve as hostess, concierge, and chef? Her story inspired me.

Finally, I was able to sink back into bed that night with a completely new understanding of my "story world" (the world/time/setting in which a story takes place), a face to match Potentate Marcioni's character, and seven new pages of insights. My time in the Word and prayer that evening was sweet.

I couldn't have planned a better day. No, the One who knows me better than I know myself allowed His face to shine down on me Wednesday. Our Father who delights in giving good gifts gave me a perfect day alone with Him.

And I am grateful.


Mischia said...

How good God is!

Rachel said...

What a lovely day! Thanks for sharing; I felt like I just went on a mini-vacation as I read this post. :)

Charity said...

Mischia, Amen!

Rachel, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Maybe I should look into writing cyber-vacations for others :)

Rebecca said...

It was a delight to have you stay with us at Arrowhead Inn! I enjoyed getting to hear about your book. I look forward to seeing what the Lord has ahead for you as you pursue the gifts He has given you! ~ Rebecca

Charity said...

@Rebecca,Thanks! It was such a joy to meet you (and stay at the AI) as well. I'll only be sad you won't be there next time I go back. And who knows? I might've be inspired with a brand new book idea after that stay ;)