Tuesday, July 13

Explaining "The Platform"

After last week's blog post hit facebook, I had several comments asking for more of Abigail's story. Alas, it has not been written...yet.

When I sat down to write Abigail and her platform last week, I wanted to see if I could evoke that feeling we all know so well. That feeling of waiting.

You see, this is a "not yet" season for me. Though I have been blessed with time to write, an encouraging network of writer friends and friends who just love my writing, and a loving and supportive family--I am waiting on the fulfillment of several heart longings. One of which I have been praying about for twelve years now.

You might think that since I have been waiting on this promise for twelve years now, I would be rather good at it. However, I must admit that I am too much like some of the people on Abigail's platform. I don't handle waiting well. I distract myself from these longings instead of taking them to God. I try to fill those voids with other things. And what am I left with? The birth of a deeper emptiness than before.

When will I learn that my voids are made to be filled by and with Him?

What if it takes all of my life to wait well and retrain my instincts?

I can't answer those questions. I do look forward to the day when I will feel those longings start to rise, and my decision will be to take them first to my sovereign, wise, loving Father.

Until that day....

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