Tuesday, June 22

People More Important Than Me

I've been pondering this week's blog topic for the last several days. Alas, no light bulb went off over my head and inspiration hasn't bloomed. However, I have some dear friends (and family) who are writing and working on exciting things this summer, so I decided to share four of them with you.

1) Susan Kaye Quinn is my friend and the creator of my critique group, and Sue's Life, Liberty, and Pursuit released today! I'm so proud of her for this accomplishment and grateful for all of her help and encouragement. Knowing her has made me a better writer. Want to know more about her book?

2) Erynn Newman, my dear friend and fellow writer, recently joined the blogging world. She's blogging about her writing journey. Click here :)

3) My new writing friend is Lynn Blackburn, and this week she's blogging about the power of story--both in fiction and in God's plan. Her blog today on falling into a great story made me gaze longingly over at my bookshelves to pick out a favorite. It came with a great reminder that we are all characters in God's story. Not major players, but characters with a purpose no less. Please go check it out.

4) Finally, my family has begun their 15th summer at South Mountain Baptist Camp. Last week was the first children's camp, and a host of problems including malfunctioning wells, electrical storms, and bee attacks put my parents and the rest of the camp through the ringer. But praise the Lord, He spoke louder than those distractions to 24 young people who accepted Jesus as their Savior before the week's end. Week two, another children's camp, began yesterday with 240 new campers and counselors and a new set of problems. Please be in prayer for the staff, counselors, and--most importantly--those children who do not have a relationship with Jesus. To find out more about the camp and how you can pray, visit this site.

What are you clicking first?


Erynn said...

Yay! A shout out. Thanks, friend. Praying for you this week.

Lynn said...

Wow! Thanks for the kind words!