Wednesday, April 8

Wait For The Lord

I am so thankful that God works through some of my ordinary activities! For example, I like to have some kind of "noise" on in the background as I work, especially when I work alone. So, Monday I visited John Piper's Desiring God to find a sermon to listen to; I wasn't feeling too strongly about any particular sermon, so I decided to listen to the featured sermon God Works For Those Who Wait For Him. God used it to speak graciously to my heart; it was something I absolutely needed to hear. I was humbled by just how perfectly this message fit my current situation.

So I wonder, "In what part of your life do you need God to move? Is there a financial, emotional, relational, physical, or spiritual circumstance which is out of your control or beyond your understanding?" I pray that you would be encouraged by God's promise and the notes below:

Isaiah 64:4 says, "From of old no one has heard or perceived by the ear, no eye has seen a God besides you, who acts for those who wait for Him."

Our God, the one true God, is unique, unlike any other god man has created (v4a), because He carries us (Isa. 46:1-4) and exalts (lifts up) Himself to show us mercy (Isa. 30:18). Piper said, "He magnifies His greatness by condescending to serve us." What a humbling thought.

Our God is competent--He will not, cannot, fail at anything He plans (Isa: 46:9-10), and He plans to provide for all our needs (Phil. 4:19).

Our God works for those who wait. (In one sense He works for everyone, see Mt. 5:45; however, He moves in a wider and deeper scale for His children). So the questions remains, "If God works for those who wait, how do we wait?" Piper noted three ways to wait, which I found incredibly helpful (i.e., practical):

First, resist the temptation to go elsewhere for help or counsel; do not be like the Israelites who looked to other people, nations, and gods for help (Isa. 31:1; Ps. 106:13) Instead, PRAY. Seek His counsel first. At every interval, stop and pray. Ask what He would have (Ps. 55:22, Phil. 4:5-7, 1 Th. 5:17, 1 Pt. 5:6-7).

Second, BE STILL. Rest and trust in His strength (Is. 30:15-17), and stand still in quietness (Ex. 14:13-14). Watch Him move on your behalf. Regardless of the fact that "a lot rests on you, your zeal or preparedness," He may want you to sit down and let Him work so that He gets the glory!

Third, ACT. Get up. Fight. Act (2 Sam. 5:19). This is not an end to the waiting. This is acting in expectancy of His movement, knowing that without His movement your acting will be in vain (Pr. 21:31; Ps. 33:16-22; Ps. 127:1). The victory is still His!

Dear friends, I would encourage you that "The final result of all we do lies in the hands of God" (Piper). He will work His good plan and sanctification in our lives. He will bring Himself glory through us. He has given us His Son; "how will he not also with Him graciously give us all things?" (Rom. 8:32). These are sure promises. Wait on Him.

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