Tuesday, April 28

Moving Week for the Perrys/Tuckers

What a week! And it's only Tuesday. :) We've had the commissioning service for Covenant Life's pastors and families, a corporate prayer meeting for both church plants, and a going away party for the Tuckers. Tomorrow it'll be time to finish loading boxes, wipe down counters, and say goodbye to the Perrys and Tuckers.

Goodbye for 12 weeks. Everyone keeps saying it'll go quickly, and I'm sure it will. But I'm going to be missing them nonetheless! Would you please remember both families as they are on the road Thursday and unpacking this weekend. They would ask you to pray for safety during travel, opportunities to share even as they travel and unpack this weekend, and that they would love each other well during this transition.

Thanks for praying!!

And an update on me & Tampa is coming this weekend. :)

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Mischia said...

I'm praying for safety, easy travel for the Elmo lover and sweet people once they are in Tampa.