Saturday, November 22

Wilderness Bouquets

For almost 26 years of my life, I could not admit how much I really love flowers. I even worked at a florist for a year without fessing up to it. I told myself and other people that flowers just weren’t worth the expense: "They are beautiful, but way too overpriced for their 2-week life span." The truth of the matter is, my attitude towards flowers had more to do with the fact that I had only received them once in my life (a small clutch of 3 red roses with baby’s breath) and didn’t want to assume I would receive them in the future. Why? Because they are expensive, they don't live for long, and even the most godly men I know don't give their wives flowers often, if ever.

But September of 2007 changed all of that. You see, within the course of 2 weeks, I received 3 bouquets. Two of which were made of flowers that were my favorite color. One arrangement was left on my doorstep with a note, no signature. All three came with the message that God loved me and thought of me.

God was the only one who knew how much those flowers spoke to my heart. Only God could lay it on someone’s heart to buy me flowers … and my favorite color flowers no less. Only God knew how I was struggling that month. You see it was the month "we" had planned on getting married, and only 2 people knew the significance of that period (neither of whom bought flowers for me that month).

He alone knew how much my heart was hurting. He moved to let me know I was loved and pursued by HIM. And He would find a way to communicate that message when I most needed it. Shortly thereafter, I found the following song; it, along with Hosea 2:14-20, spoke volumes to my heart: Acres of Hope by Shane Barnard and Robbie Seay.
He is my Relentless Pursuer. He has spoken tenderly and intimately to me in my own "Valley of Achor" (i.e., the valley of trouble), and hope is not lost--for He has led me here, He has been here, He has taught me about Himself, He has given hope, and He has blessing ahead. Praise the Lord for His steadfast love endures forever.

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love that song as well!