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One Dozen Roses (Oct 19, 2008)

As I write this, a dozen red roses are sitting on my dining room table. A dozen red roses. I don’t know about you, but as much as I might say that flowers aren’t important to me—and definitely not roses—as a woman, the delivery of a dozen red roses without a twig of baby’s breath included does weird and wonderful things to my heart.

This week was a hard one. A battle for my mind and my heart. I was graciously reminded that my fate doesn’t rest in any human’s hands but in my Sovereign Father’s. I was challenged to trust God instead of being afraid (Ps. 56:3-4), to show love sacrificially instead of responding to the actions of others (Mt. 5:43-48; Ph. 2:3-4).

I am often tempted to fear and to respond in self-protection. By Thursday evening, I felt taken advantage of, manipulated, wary, lied to, vulnerable, and tired. I cried for someone to protect me and step in between me and these other people.

On Friday, I wanted to choose rightly. I wanted to trust God and continue to respond in love, but honestly, I wanted to go back to bed more. I sat on my closet floor praying that God would be merciful to me and give me the strength to trust one more day.

About noon, I received the delivery. I’ve never had flowers delivered to me before. Honestly, it was so overwhelming that I think the delivery guy barely made it out the door before I began crying. The note had no signature and only one line: Joshua 1:9.

This verse reads, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

God answered my prayer for mercy. He knows my heart and what would speak to it in a way that would identify Him alone as the communicator. And with the beautiful, personal reminder that He knows and loves me came the challenge to remember another truth. The truth that I am fighting a battle. I have been commanded to be strong and full of courage. I should not be afraid or distressed. Why? Not because I won’t get hurt. Not because the people around me will get it right. But because the LORD is with me.

I must remember “in God I trust; I shall not be afraid. What can flesh do to me?” (Ps. 56:4). And this God is Sovereign, Creator, Mighty Judge Over All, The Director of Men’s Hearts, The One Whose Purposes Will Not Be Thwarted (Isaiah 40:28; Ps. 9:8; Ezra 6:22; Pr. 16:9; Job 42:2). He is the Heavenly Bridegroom, The Lover of My Soul, The One Who Knows My Heart Intimately. My Relentless Pursuer (Is. 54:5, 62:5; Eph. 5:32; Ps. 139:13-16; Hosea 2:14-23).

My merciful God who in the midst of my stumbling chose to lay it on someone’s heart to send me flowers with His message attached. I worship the God who knows me intimately and acts to show me His love personally. And my heart and mind are safe in His hands.

What have I to fear with THIS Protector on my side?

(cf. Ps 57:1-2, Ps. 34:4-5)

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Anonymous said...

that really means a lot to me right now. what a real reminder of His comfort and provision. Learning to trust Him above our physical feelings is hard and I'm learning that too. He's really reminding me how much greater His plans are than the ones that I was holding on to.